Netflix And Testa

The video begins with the protagonist sitting on the couch and scrolling Netflix on the television. Suddenly they feel a hand on their shoulder and turn around to see a beautiful woman standing behind them. She has long, flowing hair, a seductive smile and wears a tight, skimpy dress. The protagonist can't help but stare at her, and she notices. He comes closer and whispers: Would you like to watch something together? The protagonist nods enthusiastically and they both sit on the couch and watch a hot romantic comedy. As the film progresses, the tension between the two increases. They can't take their eyes off each other and laugh at the same jokes over and over again and gasp when they see the same scenes. They start to feel a little too close and can't help but feel like there's something more between them. Finally the film ends and they both sit in silence for a moment, staring at each other. The woman breaks the silence. Do you know what I wanted to do all night? She asks. The protagonist looks at her confused. What is that? The woman leans forward and whispers: “I want to watch Netflix with you and give you a blow job.” The protagonists' eyes widen in shock, but there is a sparkle in their eyes that tells the woman that they are curious. The video shows the two of them in a dark room, with the TV on the wall and a comfortable sofa in the middle. The woman sits on the sofa with her legs spread and her head bobbing up and down while giving the protagonist a sensual blowjob. The protagonist lies on the floor, his head resting on the armrest of the sofa. They can't help but moan and groan as the woman's mouth works its magic and her lips slide up and down her shaft with ease. As the video progresses, the two become more passionate, their bodies intertwined as they explore each other. Wishes. They're lost in the moment, with only the sound of the television and the feel of each other's skin holding them in place

Duration: 10:35

Views: 24

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